Monday, June 22, 2009

Exercise #5

For this exercise, I'm going to work on combining, and slightly adapting, Whitcomb's idea from NOVEL SHORTCUTS to go through the scenes of a novel and decide whether a transition is needed or not, labeling each with a Y or N.

The other part of this is to decide what kind of transition to provide. Whitcomb writes about "reflections," which are when the character in narrative voice makes a decision or comes to a resolution or insight. She talks about a variety of reflections:

1) reflecting on a theme or major conflict
2) reflecting on a character's personality
3) on thoughts
4) recapping a segment of time

My task (and please join in) is to examine the scenes I have yet to write which are loosely organized with many gaps and decide which ones should have a transition. I'm hoping this will help me firm up which ones I will be writing as scenes. I am also going to try to write some sample transitions based on the 4 Whitcomb names above.

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