Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exercise #1

The first exercise is from Whitcomb's Novel Shortcuts in a section on Scenes:

Write a new scene or work with an already-written scene and make sure you have a few different things going on. This adds interest and cuts out the need for many short scenes in which only one event occurs (pps. 146-147). Whitcomb gives an example of combining scenes in which a mother gets into a fight with her husband and has her feelings hurt by a child.


Note if authors you are currently reading do this well and describe what they did and to what effect.

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  1. Hi Jaqueline!

    A well written and vivid scene!
    I'm struggling w the opening of my story and trying to write a few things to happen as I'm simultaneously introducing the "main cast" to the reader. These things happen because of the characters and their so far hidden motives.

    Your list certainly gave me ideas :).

    I live in Finland so I write in Finnsh. I might, given time, translate the first scene into English, but I'm not promising :).