Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yardley's book WILL WRITE FOR SHOES would be helpful if you were planning to write a Chick Lit novel, and she talks about some of the stereotypes and pitfalls to avoid about writing in this genre. She acknowledges that her method of structuring a novel is very linear and left-brain, and I had a hard time being able to use her method for that reason. Although I have elements of chick lit in the novels I am writing, I am not enough in that genre to benefit fully from the advice Yardley offers.

A strength of WILL WRITE FOR SHOES is that she takes the reader through the planning of the book, the writing process (although I wished there had been more about this), and selling the novel. Another strength is that she keeps the personal chick lit tone going throughout the book. She makes it sound like writing a chick lit novel is, if not easy, an achievable goal, which should motivate and insire authors in this genre.

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